Climate change negotiators meet
Wednesday, July 15, 2015
OECS representatives will meet today, to discuss climate change issues and garner feedback from civil society that will guide climate change negotiations at the upcoming COP21.

Civil society and government representatives from the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States will meet today, to discuss climate change issues and ways to garner support for OECS negotiators at the global climate change conference in Paris, later this year.

First OECS Climate Change Symposium on COP 21 will be guided by the theme "Climate change matters to me and to you." The one day activity will examine the level of awareness and participation by civil society on climate change, and how relevant they perceive it to be. Additionally, presentations will highlight the results of efforts undertaken in OECS countries in support of stakeholder engagement in the Working Partnership of Climate Change (WPPC) 2015 work program.

The Working Partnership of Climate Change comprises a nominated representative from each of the OECS member states along with donor partners. The general purpose of the WPPC are as follows: to provide a platform for information exchange among Member States of the OECS and European partners on issues relating to climate change; to support the process of engagement to allow for active participation of OECS Member States in Paris 2015; and to facilitate a program of sensitization among civil society on climate change issues with a view to supplying information and securing input in the development of national and regional negotiating positions.

As part of the work program, feedback, input and discussion from civil society are given priority, and a symposium is seen as an excellent medium to achieve this aim.

It is hoped that the symposium will bring a greater awareness of the global diplomatic process of UNFCCC and COP 21; and will solicit views and garner feedback from targeted groups to empower the negotiators in reflecting the Caribbean and SIDS realities at COP 21.

The Climate change Symposium is in collaboration with partners including fisherfolk organisations, tourism groups and youth networks.

The activity is being held in Saint Lucia, at the Alliance Francaise, Castries.


Ministry Officials

  • Mr. Sylvester Clauzel / Permanent Secretary
  • Debra Charlery / Deputy Permanent Secretary