Saint Vincent's plan for sustainable living
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
by Anthony Sammie, GIS
The island's agricultural program focuses on health, food security, energy security and climate change readiness.

Officials have expressed interest in replicating Saint Vincent's Climate Compliance Program in other parts of St. Vincent and the OECS.

The Climate Compliance Program focuses on health, food security, energy security and climate change readiness, and was born out of the need to change farming practices in the face of climate change and related disasters.

Stina Herberg, Director of the Richmond Vale Academy in Saint Vincent, said conservation activities were developed following consultations with communities.

“We cleaned up a lot of trash from the beaches, rivers and streets," she said. "Then we engaged a lot of people from Saint Vincent and around the world to join us. Then we moved to improve our farming techniques to include climate smart agriculture, so we practice water conservation.

"We do organic farming and we’re moving into a kind of farming called permaculture. Some people call it natural farming. So [we are encouraging people to] eat local, grow local, and buy local, but then we [first] have to practice this at home."

Herberg said the program includes the Richmond Vale Academy, and combines knowledge with practical applications in its conservation approaches.

"First, our students learn about climate change and why we should reduce pollution. Then we conduct clean-up activities while we teach about the importance of conservation. So it takes learning to another level, because you get people to act, learn, organize, solve problems and work together."

The Climate Compliance Program is a ten year initiative which commenced in 2012.

Ministry Officials

  • Mr. Sylvester Clauzel / Permanent Secretary